Quickie Glue™

Quickie Glue™

Product Overview

DIY Alert!
"Putting glue on paper is as easy as signing your name. Experience the writing ease of a pen with precision glue placement. "

Quickie Glue™ lays down a smooth line and keeps glue from spreading or globing-up. Glue is placed precisely where it is needed to be to hold the teeniest, tiniest enhancement. Decorate scrapbook & journal pages, cards, stationery, and collages! Excellent for hand made quill projects.

Can’t decide where to place an item? Temporarily place and move items around. To create a temporary bond, allow a few minutes for drying time before securing the items together.

What you can do with Quickie Glue -

  • Make straight, curvy or dotted lines
  • Draw flower, paisley or scallop patterns
  • Polka-dots, hearts, and zigzags
Then you can sprinkle with glitter, confetti or apply gold, silver or copper foils!
Quickie Glue™ features:
  • Easy to find cap – different looking from pen caps
  • Spring activated nib allows longer cap-off time
  • Not necessary to shake or squeeze
  • Blue glue color indicates bond is permanent and white glue color indicates a temporary or moveable bond


Application & Qualities

Applications Technical qualities
  • Scrapbooking and papercrafts
  • Handmade stationary
  • Do-It-Yourself foil-stamping techniques
  • Use with glitter powders, and confetti
  • 0.7 mm smooth & consistent line width
  • Spring activated nib allows longer cap-off time
  • Odor-free
  • Not necessary to shake or squeeze
  • Easily distinguishable cap from writing pens
  • Creates permanent or temporary bond. When glue is blue color, the bond is permenent. When glue is clear, the bond is removable.
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards (AP seal)
  • Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed, on food service or ceramics that are washed, & not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin.

Product Specifications

Order Information

Stock # Description UPC No.
38480 POUCH, QUICKIE GLUE 1 PK 0 53482 38480 9
58482 POUCH, QUICKIE GLUE 2 PK 0 53482 58482 7
38481 QUICKIE GLUE CUP DISPLAY - 24 POUCHES 0 53482 38481 6

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I use Quickie Glue when I want to add a beautiful metallic foil accent to all my artistic projects. ~ Mixed Media Artist,

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Write TestimonialBeth Cote

Quickie Glue: Have you used it? If not, you are losing out. This is the most wonderful glue you will ever own. Because the tip is like a pen, you can glitter areas you were never able to get to with aRead More

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Write TestimonialGail Lass

I use Quickie Glue as a temporary bond to hold paper masks in place when I’m rubber stamping. It dries fast and the fine nib of the pen allows me to apply it precisely where I need glue.

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Write TestimonialJudi Kauffman

To add a touch of sparkle to my paintings, my choice is the Quickie Glue with ultra fine glitter

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Write TestimonialTraci Bautista

Artist Showcase

“Glaze and Soufflé pens are my favorite tools for doodling over my mixed
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