A Better Future

SAKURA COLOR PRODUCTS CORPORATION promotes environmental conservation activities and continued quality control for the future of our children and our planet. Sakura strives to bring about a prosperous society for the children who will make up the next generation through social impact, independent technology, and product development, based on our motto of contributing to education and culture.


  • Environmental Sustainability: Sakura strives to prevent environmental pollution and to harmonize our global corporate activities with the global environment, in compliance with quality standards, laws, and regulations.
  • Improving Awareness and Knowledge: Through education and training for each employee, we will strive to improve their awareness and knowledge of, and the importance of, quality and the environment.


  • Supporting Art Education & Culture: Sakura encourages art education for children of all ages, as well as providing resources to teachers who are developing the next generation of artists and creative thinkers. Sakura supports art exhibitions and public interests that create rich humanity and culture for those who are interested in lifelong learning beyond school education.
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