Head Back to School With Sakura!

While summer may be in full swing, school is going to be here before we know it. Make sure your bag is packed right with the essentials! We’ve selected our top picks of the year to make your shopping trip all that easier.

Viewing a white tabletop from above, at the center of the surface is a Micron pen package. The package holds six Micron pens and is bright magenta with a wide orange stripe across the bottom. To the left of the package is a dark blue notebook with metallic copper polka-dots scattered across the bottom of the cover, and a Micron pen rests across the top. To the right, a brown craft paper pouch with black trim and a black zipper is open and three pens scatter out at various angles.
  • Micron Pens: Fade-resistant, chemically stable, pigment-based ink that will not run if liquids are spilled, our fine liner Micron pens are perfect for note taking. And, since Pigma ink is nearly impossible to alter, these pens make a great choice for lefties!
  • Did you know they come in different colors and sizes? Perfect for color-coding and highlighting eye-catching sections. For bolder, rich colors, our Micron 08s are now available in 16 colors! Learn more about them here.
  • Gelly Rolls: Vibrant and smooth, Gelly Rolls make for a fun alternative to black and blue ink. With a wide variety of styles, from glittery Stardust to creamy Moonlight, Gelly Roll pens feature archival gel ink and waterproof properties to ensure long-lasting work.
  • Now available in Pastel! The creamy, soft tones of Moonlight Pastels are perfect for black and white paper, as well as decorating surfaces, and the ink won’t bleed through your paper.
  • Koi Coloring Brush Pens: Colorful, no-mess Koi pens are an absolute must for creating eye-catching pages! Draw attention to reminders, highlight passages on notes, and decorate notebook pages with a durable tip that allows for thin to bold strokes, or take to art class and combine with water to create smooth gradient blends.
  • SumoGrip: Our SumoGrip collection is a must-have for any supply kit. The specially designed, triangular-shaped grip of SumoGrip pencil allows for a strong, comfortable grip and the open-cell foam of the erasers is specially designed to pick up graphite with minimal pressure. A big must for quick note-taking!
  • Quickie Glue: Looking to attach small details to school projects? Then our Quickie Glue pens are a must. With the writing ease of a ball-point pen, Quickie Glue is perfect for adding embellishments to paper, from creating foiled letters to including a pop of glitter, and will lay down a smooth line without uncontrolled spreading. Can’t decide where to glue an item? Temporarily place and move objects around. 
  • Pigma PN: Featuring the same reliable, acid-free, and archival quality Pigma ink as our Microns, the PN pen is a very handy tool to keep packed. Instead of the fine metal nibs in the Micron line, the PN has a durable plastic nib, creating a skip-free fine or medium line depending on writing pressure, and is perfect for righties and lefties alike! Comes in 8 colors for color-coded note-taking or highlights. 

Want to learn more about our supplies? Join us over on Instagram or Facebook as our Sakura Professors teach different uses and techniques.

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