In the Classroom with Creativity Explored

This back-to-school season, Sakura of America is once again collaborating with Creativity Explored, a San Francisco based nonprofit that provides art programming, studio space and exhibition opportunities to over 130 neurodiverse artists. This partnership helps make sure that these talented artists receive top-tier art supplies.

Creativity Explored provides only the highest quality professional art supplies in their two community studios. Sakura and Creativity Explored are proud to team up to ensure these artists have options and opportunities to explore any medium, style and techniques that they are interested in. Access to high quality art supplies yields beautiful and dynamic artworks but also empowers the artists with a rich spectrum of mediums, colors and stylistic possibilities. These days CE artists are especially loving the classic Koi Coloring Brush Pens, the Koi Watercolor Field Sketch Kits, and of course the Metallic Gelly Roll pens.

And who better to articulate why CE artists love Sakura art supplies than the artists themselves? Check out some photos and quotes from CE artists to see why Sakura products are really the best!

In an art studio, with expansive wood floors and shelves of projects in the background, Creativity Explored artist Liam hunches forward over his easel and colors on his canvas with Koi Coloring Brushes. He is working on a brightly colored abstract piece with patchwork squares or color and texture.
Creativity Explored artist Benji, seen wearing a black mask and blue shirt, stands in the CE studio holding up his latest illustration of a traditional Japanese building done in bright, vibrant colors. Behind him, we see his work table with drawers of supplies and a wall hung with various pieces of art.
  • Karla Quinonez is a newer artist at CE, though she has quickly made her mark with her infectious and silly personality and her beautiful abstract art making. She works across a range of media, including paint, clay, color pencils, and markers. Karla has a particular affinity for drawing, as well as collage. For 3 out of 5 days of the week she works exclusively with Sakura’s metallic Gelly Roll pens, creating complex mark making patterns that sparkle. When asked about these pens she said, “I like these pens! I like the blues and green shiny ones.” Learn more about Karla and her wonderful artworks here.
  • Donna Osborn is another new artist at CE, and has also added so much to the community with her kindness and joyful energy. From day one at CE, Donna has been using Koi watercolors to create her intricate “puzzle-like” abstract paintings.

    We asked Donna her thoughts on the Koi watercolors, and she told us that, “when [Leeza, a CE Teaching Artist] introduced me to these, the Koi watercolors, I loved them and I haven’t gone back since.” She also said, “the colors just come to me.”

    About why she makes art, Donna told us that, “making art makes me happy. Makes the time go quicker. Of all the colors, I prefer a rainbow. I like mixing colors in a bit of water to make them lighter. If you’re going to use watercolors, make sure to always use watercolor paper.” We are so excited to share Donna’s amazing artwork!

From the upper right hand corner, Creativity Explored artist bends forward into frame and over her artwork laying flat on the table. She presses her face almost against the watercolor paper, her blue mask and wire-rimmed glasses almost the only thing we see of her features, and her right hand curves over from the top holding a black Pen-Touch pen. Her painting is of a tiger standing on green grass in front of a blue sky.
Alex, a Creativity Explored artist, sits to the right of a long table and bends over the top to color at his artwork. He is using Koi Coloring Brush pen to illustrate a vivid blue toned image of the Golden Gate bridge over the water and against the sky.
  • Loren King has been a CE artist since 1988! He is an incredibly versatile artist, often switching from drawing and painting media, to ceramics, to digital art. Recently, King transitioned from his figurative work filled with big smiles, bright colors, and animals to abstract “brain maps”. In this series, he carefully considers the colors, lines, and compositions that depict specific people’s brains. He has been using the Koi Water Color Field Sketch Kit to create his intricate and glimmering brains that really capture his whimsical and sparkly personality. Learn more about Loren here!

Sakura of America and CE share a common mission, believing in a world of possibility powered by human creativity. Sakura is proud to support Creativity Explored’s commitment to disabled artists, who are making their mark on their own terms. Together, we strongly believe art is for everyone.

Meet even more artists and shop for their work on the Creativity Explored website → creativityexplored.org

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