Joseph Omolayole Creativity Explored Artist Spotlight

Sakura of America shares a common mission with Creativity Explored, a nonprofit art center for neurodiverse and disabled artists in San Francisco. Sakura is proud to support Creativity Explored’s commitment to disabled artists, who are making their mark on their own terms. Together, we strongly believe art is for everyone.

Sakura’s products have been enabling artistry in the Creativity Explored studios for decades – we’re excited to partner and share the stories and the artwork of artists who are creating today, like Joseph Omolayole.

Joseph Omolayole (b. 1978, Creativity Explored artist since 2016) graduated from Skyline College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Omolayole remarks,”art and fashion are my passion.”

Seamlessly merging art and fashion, Omolayole begins creating by first researching his selected subject matter. Then he draws and paints free-hand with marker, colored pencil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper. Paying careful attention to composition, angle, light, and dark, he combines elements of the subject matter together to create a visually compelling patterned work.

Omoloyale has a rich traditional 2-D art practice, applying his interest in fashion to his illustrations. His realist approach to his subjects compliment his studious nature, applying details that only an expert would identify.

Recently, Omolayole has remained focused on fashion, designing, draping and assembling garments His newest designs are featured in Mode Brut, a fashion-themed exhibition on view at the at the Museum of Craft and Design through January 22, 2022.

Check out Joseph Omolayole’s favorite Sakura products and learn about his practice in the interview below.

Favorite Products

  • Sakura Micron pens
  • Sakura Permapaque Markers

Artist Interview

Why do you love Creativity Explored?
I love Creativity Explored because the people are very nice and very useful, giving me the tools to be a better artist.

What do you love about Sakura’s art products?
When I design and use Sakura products, I always like the results.

Why is it important to you to have good art supplies?
It is important to have good art supplies so that the art can come out very professional and to have the best medium and quality of the art.

Why do you love making art? How does creating art make you feel?
I love making art to express my emotions. I like looking at art in different ways, and that connects to different cultures worldwide and releases stress. It is very unique. To me art is to freely express ideas and designs. Creating art makes me feel better. Art is a practice that makes you better, and gives you new skills.

What inspires you?
Patterns, fashion, textiles, different artists inspire me. Versace, Leonardo, Donatello.

If someone has never made art before, what advice would you give them?
I would tell them to know their color scheme, play with it first, and just visualize what you can make starting with something you like, and build from there.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Photos by Peter Prato

Artwork by Joseph Omolayole, 2021 © Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

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