Musette Perkins Creativity Explored Artist Spotlight

Sakura of America shares a common mission with Creativity Explored, a nonprofit art center for neurodiverse and disabled artists in San Francisco. Sakura is proud to supply disabled artists with the means to create. Together, we strongly believe art is for everyone.

Sakura’s products have been enabling artistry in the Creativity Explored studios for decades – we’re excited to partner and share the stories and the artwork of artists who are creating today, like Musette Perkins.

Musette Perkins’ (b. 1982, Creativity Explored artist since 2001) clean-lined drawings depict familiar symbols and icons in a realistic style. She repeats images in complex patterns that fill the picture plane. She occasionally likes to incorporate text into her drawings and paintings, often prose or poetry that she finds interesting.

Perkins has continued to develop her affinity for pattern, carefully planning her color palette and motifs. Her designs are often organized around a central figure or form – faceted gems, insects, vintage wallpaper, and taxonomical illustrations of plants. Perkins’ work achieves both the precision of deco architectural forms and the effusive beauty of organic matter.

Her meditative and labyrinthian line work comes alive when the artist applies color – her color pairings are surprising, yet harmonic. Perkins’ attention to tonal interplays and the use of gradient or shadow demand the viewer’s attention and call to mind lavishly furnished interiors.

Typically Perkins works in a smaller scale but also enjoyed stretching out during her residency at CE’s Inclusion Studios at Art Explosion in 2019, creating massive scenes that exemplify her use of color, repeated forms, and pattern. In 2020, Perkins had her first solo exhibition featuring newly created work at entitled Revolutionary Petunias at Right Window, a gallery space in San Francisco.

Check out Musette Perkins’ favorite Sakura products and hear about her practice in the interview below.

Favorite Products

  • Sakura Koi Watercolor Cake Set
  • Permapaque Markers

Artist Interview

Why do you love Creativity Explored?

What do you love about Sakura’s art products?

Why is it important to you to have good art supplies?
It’s beautiful.

Why do you love making art? How does creating art make you feel?
Good at it. Good.

Learn more and shop artworks by Musette Perkins on the Creativity Explored websiteCreativityExplored.org/artists/cheryle-rutledge

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PHOTO CREDIT: Photos by Peter Prato

Artwork by Musette Perkins, 2021 © Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

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