Glow On, Create!™ With New Gelly Roll UV

Introducing the first UV-visible Gel Ink: Gelly Roll UV!

Unlock the magic of Gelly Roll UV, the first UV-visible gel ink pen, and explore your creative potential. Add a magical touch to any artwork or writing with three luminous ultraviolet gel ink colors and turn every project into a radiant masterpiece. Glow on, Create!™

  • 3 INK COLORS: Available in Classic, Metallic, and Stardust (glitter) ink styles.
  • UV KEYCHAIN LIGHT: Every Gelly Roll UV pen set comes with a complementary UV keychain light. Simply press on to activate the light and watch your creations instantly shine. For extended use, click the “hold” button on top of the keychain, and enjoy the UV effect for as long as you desire.


Gelly Roll UV pens introduce you to a luminous world of possibilities​. Designed for artists, both casual and professional alike, and everyday creatives looking to play, our new UV pens help let you detail artwork, write secret notes and messages, and so much more!

Inspiring Uses: 

  • Create captivating secret messages. Enjoy the thrill of mystery with Gelly Roll UV pens!
  • Enhance your artwork by adding luminous ultraviolet gel ink accents. Add a magical touch even to the smallest doodle!
  • Fill every holiday with lasting memories. Whether you want to level up your Valentine, Halloween or the Holidays – Gelly Roll UV pens are there for you during any season.
  • Take your party game up a notch! Design exquisite DIY invitations and party favors to surprise your guests.
  • Stand out in a crowd! Wear handmade signs and badges that come alive under UV light and be the star at every show.
  • Turn learning routine into an exciting challenge. Use Gelly Roll UV pens to hide correct answers in flashcards, math puzzles, or quizzes and have fun with checking your knowledge.
  • Add invisible book notes. Highlight the crucial aspects of the story with the advantage of pristine-looking pages.
  • Spice up your life with a mystery party or scavenger hunt. Under UV light all the clues will begin to unravel with Gelly Roll UV pens…
  • Customize home décor. Gelly Roll UV ink will turn any ordinary picture or poster into a distinctive work of art.

Glow On:

  • 3-Piece Pack: Bold 1.0mm nib in UV Red, UV Green, and UV Blue, plus bonus UV keychain light. 

To learn more about Gelly Roll UV applications, optimal use, and technical qualities, visit our UV product listing. Currently available at a Walmart near you! Whether you’re expanding your collection or trying Gelly Rolls for the first time, experience the unlimited possibilities to create something unique.

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