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NEW Pigma Micron COLORS!

New PIGMA MICRON® 10 & 12

NEW Pigma Micron COLORS!​

We have exciting news to share…We’ve expanded our PIGMA MICRON® collection with two new gray colors!

Your favorite archival fineliners are now available in COOL GRAY & LIGHT COOL GRAY pigment ink, with endless layering effects in 4 nib sizes:

  • MICRON 01: 0.25MM
  • MICRON 05: 0.45MM
  • MICRON 10: 0.60MM

Buildable grays for fine to bold durable strokes, with the same archival PIGMA ink you love!​ Perfect for shading, cross-hatching, adding depth to black linework, layered line drawing, color washing, and more! ​ Like all our MICRON pens, these are the ultimate go-to-tool for art, work, and play. The ink doesn’t bleed or smudge, and is waterproof. Professional quality pens with precise points and fine lines.​

Unlimited Uses

Experience smooth, skip-free marking, and crisp ink colors that leave consistent lines every time.

Clockwise from top left : @jessespencersmith, @julietschreckinger, SAKURA of America, @erinflotodesigns, @erinflotodesigns, Sakura of America, @jessespencersmith, @jessespencersmith

Love our MICRON Pens? Check out our four new sets!​

  • 3 Piece LIGHT COOL GRAY Set: Light Cool Gray Pigment ink in fine (01), medium (05), and bold (10) MICRON nibs, available in one convenient 3-pack​
  • 3 Piece COOL GRAY Set:Cool Gray Pigment ink in fine (01), medium (05), and bold (10) MICRON nibs, available in one convenient 3-pack​
  • 8 Piece Set: One of everything! The full 8-pc collection of LIGHT COOL GRAY and COOL GRAY Pigment inks in all available sizes: 01, 05, 10, and Brush nibs.​
  • 10 Piece Set: Shade and light set, with all 8 new gray pigma, plus 05 black & 10 black.​


Find MICRON GRAY online or in your favorite stores. Whether you’re expanding your collection or trying our new MICRON Pens for the first time, experience the freedom to think and create. The Original PIGMA Ink Pen.

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