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Last updated 5/21/20

This Privacy Policy applies to our website = www.sakuraofamerica.com, owned by Sakura Color Products of America “Sakura” . This is our website; your use and/or access of our website mean that you agree to the privacy policy & terms as set forth, please check back periodically for changes.

Our website is meant to engender creative expression for children and adults, professional and amateur artists, crafters, tole painters, scrapbookers, journalers, educators– anyone who seeks to make their individual unique “mark” in the world. We are offering ideas and products that are meant to enhance individual creativity and expression in all these forms. We also want to ensure that sakuraofamerica.com is a safe site for children and we have done all that we can to protect our visitors’ privacy.

Your Personal Information

Your contact information is provided to us when you fill out the “contact us form” on our website. Also, when we offer contests and other interactive activities online we sometimes ask for contact information, e.g., your e-mail address, telephone number, address and/or fax number. This information is collected only when it is voluntarily submitted and it is used solely for the purpose of replying to you or contacting winners of our contest(s). We strongly advise children to get their parents’ permission before they submit any personal information to this or any other site. Please be advised that if the information submitted is incorrect; for example, an e-mail address is misspelled, we may not be able to contact the winners of a contest. If an e-mail address “bounces” back to us and we have no other contact information, that entry is automatically voided. Therefore, please double-check the e-mail and other contact information you submit to us.

Sakura values its relationship with you and uses available technology to safeguard any personal information collected through the site. Unfortunately, the internet is an open medium and no data transmission through the internet is completely secure. You transmit your personal information at your own risk and Sakura does not guarantee or warrant the security of information you transmit to or from the site other than as described herein.

We do collect information about your browser type, location information, what operating system your computer uses, your Internet provider (for example, sakuraofamerica.com, yahoo.com), but none of this leads us back to you. We also collect information on how many people visit our site each day and which pages they visited primarily through Google Analytics which mainly uses first-party cookies to report on visitor interactions on our website. Zip code information as well as product selections may also be stored when the store locator is used. Again, tracked information does not include any identifiable information about site visitors so none of this tells us anything personal about you. The information we collect does help us to provide better service and to design our site (and future sites) in ways that you indicate are interesting and fun to visit. You are safe visiting the Websites because we do not sell, distribute or lease any of the information submitted here. It is only viewed by Sakura employees and those that work on our site for us.

Sakura Advertising & Promotions

From time to time, we promote exciting new products and contests on our site. Our advertising is meant to excite interest in our products so that people will purchase them. Any contests or promotions described or posted on this site shall be governed by the rules regulating such event.

Sakura’s Websites utilize social media feeds and feed aggregators such as TINT, (a third party provider), which displays images, text, & video links from users of social media with public privacy settings. The images, text & video links displayed as well as your use of the social media sites are bound under the terms & privacy policies of those social media sites. Please refer to the following sites that we use:

Facebook: terms / privacy policy

Instagram: terms / privacy policy

Pinterest: terms / privacy policy

Twitter: terms / privacy policy

YouTube: terms / privacy policy

Postings made by the public to Sakura’s social media accounts may be deleted in the following circumstances:

  • Does not relate to the posted topic on the social media page or post
  • Promotes or advertises a commercial product or business
  • Uses obscene, threatening, or harassing language
  • A personal attack or hate speech that targets or disparages any ethnicity, race, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability
  • Advocates illegal activity or violates intellectual property laws

Use of Sakura’s social media sites are also subject to this “Privacy Policy / Terms of Use”.

Sakura Product Use & Safety

The claims made in our advertising and packaging are based upon years of careful testing. Sakura products carry the seal of the Arts and Creative Materials Institute and are AP seal approved to be non-toxic. (For further information on the Arts and Creative Materials Institute, please contact – ACMI, 99 Derby St., Suite 200, Hingham, MA 02043; phone (781) 556-1044; or debbieg@acminet.org, debbiem@acminet.org )

The promotional information carried on sakuraofamerica.com is truthful, accurate and non-misleading. Sakura guarantees complete customer satisfaction and replacement. If your new Sakura product fails to perform properly, simply return to Sakura of America, 30780 San Clemente St., Hayward CA 94544.

Sakura does not endorse any improper use of Sakura products. Our products are intended for use as drawing, sketching, painting, writing and crafting media only. They have not been tested for use on skin and we do not recommend that they be used for that purpose. Reading and following the product instructions on our packaging and on our Websites will help enhance your safety and enjoyment of our products.

Your Ideas

Many Gelly Roll and Sakura fans have sent us unsolicited product ideas and other creative thoughts over time. We are thrilled to receive your feedback but we can’t legally use what you send for anything. Sakura enjoys a long history of creative invention, beginning with Cray-Pas oil pastels in the 1920s, continuing on to the invention of gel ink in the 1980s, and including Pigma® color technology. We are committed to continually presenting new and unique products for all those interested in The Power to Express. So, keep looking for new Sakura products here and in your favorite stores.

Intellectual Property Information

You might notice that our product names and web pages are marked with trademark (TM), copyright © and ® registered symbols and/or the words “All contents © 1999-2014 Sakura Color Products of America. All rights reserved.” This means that the products, product names, and Website content belong to our company by law (unless otherwise noted). We are glad if you download our images and text for your personal enjoyment but you are not allowed to use them for commercial purposes or for distribution anywhere else. Please do not steal content from our Websites. You can copy images and text for your own private use at home but you cannot put them on your web page without our written permission except where specifically noted.

www.gellyroll.com and www.pigmamicron.com are hosted by Squarespace, a third party beneficiary. When you visit www.gellyroll.com and www.pigmamicron.com, Squarespace may collect your IP address, access URL, time of access, geographic location, browser type, and referral URL pursuant to the terms of Squarespace’s Privacy Policy. Click here for Squarespace’s Privacy Policy.

All contents © 1999-2020 Sakura Color Products of America,Inc. DBA Sakura of America 30780 San Clemente St., Hayward, CA 94544. (510) 475-8880. To contact us by email, click here. All rights reserved.


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