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Unlock the magic of Gelly Roll UV, the first UV-visible gel ink pen. Our UV ink dries clear and can be seen only under UV light, where the ink glows beautifully in 3 luminous colors: Red, Blue, and Green. 

Explore your creative potential and turn every project into a radiant masterpiece. Gelly Roll UV is not just a pen — it’s a tool of transformation.

Every Gelly Roll UV pen set comes with a complementary UV keychain light. Simply press on to activate the light and watch your creations instantly shine. For extended use, click the “hold” button on top of the keychain light, and enjoy the UV effect for as long as you desire. 

A 1.0 mm ball tip allows you to make a smooth bold line with minimal effort. 

  • Create captivating secret messages
  • Enhance artwork by adding luminous accents
  • DIY invitations and party favors
  • Handmade signs and badges that come alive under UV light
  • Hide correct answers on flashcards, math puzzles, or quizzes to test knowledge
  • Add invisible book notes
  • Create clues for mystery parties or scavenger hunts
  • Customize home décor

Overhead Lighting 

Gelly Roll UV ink behaves uniquely in various environments, such as natural light, lights off, and lights on. UV colors are most vibrant with no overhead lighting (in a dark room) but can be seen with any natural or indoor lighting under UV lamp.


UV Light

The compact and portable keychain UV light, provided with our Gelly Roll UV pens, is a great solution for smaller projects. 

For larger artworks, we recommend using a hands-free UV lamp. The increased lamp size and higher power benefit your craft by providing brighter and more even illumination. Moreover, the biggest advantage lies in the convenience of holding nothing else but your drawing tools. Nothing stands between you and your creation!


UV Light Distance from UV Ink

Achieve the best results by adjusting the UV light distance to your paper. Closer proximity (~4 inches above paper) may show more color vibrancy, while greater distances may create subtler glows. Experiment and the balance to suit your artistic vision.

  • Bold 1.0 mm retractable gel ink pen
  • No smearing, feathering, or bleed-through on most papers
  • Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards
  • Not archival



  • UV Light for entertainment purposes only — not for disinfecting or sanitization.
  • Avoid shining UV light directly into eyes
  • Do not ingest new or used batteries — seek immediate medical attention if a battery is ingested
  • Always test the product before applying
  • Not evaluated for cosmetic use on the skin
  • UV Light made in China

Q: How do I store Gelly Roll UV?
A: Gelly Roll UV pens can be stored horizontally or vertically, cap up. Please note that jarring the pen violently (i.e. dropping into a cup) can cause air bubbles that may disrupt the ink flow.

Q: What surfaces is Gelly Roll UV recommended for?
A: Gelly Roll UV ink pens are primarily made to be used on paper substrates and not on plastics, glass, or fabrics.

Q: Does Gelly Roll UV work on black or dark paper?
A: Red and Green Gelly Roll UV pens work seamlessly on both white and black paper. Blue Gelly Roll UV pen was specifically designed for white paper application only.

Q: How long do the glowing effects last? 
A: The glowing effects last as long as the UV light is applied.

Q: Is Gelly Roll UV archival?
A: Gelly Roll UV pens are not considered archival. While they offer vibrant and unique features for creative projects, they do not provide the long-term stability required for archival purposes.


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