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Koi Water Brushes are designed for easy transportation and storage of water when you’re away from home or the studio. The brush separates into two parts: a fine flexible brush tip, and a barrel handle with a plug to carry water. The comfortable grip is great for controlled blending, shading, and highlighting. The Koi Water Brush is available in three brush and two barrel sizes for maximum versatility.


  • Illustration, comics
  • Calligraphy, lettering
  • Handmade cards and craft projects
  • Studio and remote use
  • Mixed media layering
  • Background washes
  • Brush sizes:
    • Small #2 round
    • Medium #6 round
    • Medium #6 flat
    • Large #8 round
  • Barrel sizes: 4ml tank & 9ml tank
  • By screwing barrel apart counter clockwise, small barrel brush collapses to 2.875”, large collapses to 4.25”
  • Nylon fibers for brush tip
  • Polypropylene, transparent barrel and nib holder section
  • Small parts (cap & plug) – please keep away from small children
  • For ages 8 + years
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards
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