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Sketch Box – Capturing the moment is easy with Koi Water Color Field Sketch Kits. These portable watercolor sets are perfect to bring along whether you’re going to the countryside, relaxing at the beach, or walking urban landscapes. The kit is lightweight and affordable.

Koi® CAC (Creative Art Colors) Water colors are compact kits packed with unique colors and effects for one of a kind projects. Each cake set includes 4 metallics and 8 fluorescents and the 24 color set features an additional 12 pearlescent colors exclusive to the set. The vibrant fluorescent hues are perfect for adding a pop of color that glows beautifully under a black light. The metallic and pearlescent shades are ideal for adding shimmer to your lettering, illustrations, comic characters and mixed media paintings. These special effects also work great on high quality black paper. Explore a whole new spectrum of stunning effects by mixing these Creative Art Colors with your traditional watercolor set.

Studio Set – Due to the popularity of our Koi Pocket Field Sketch Kits Sakura expanded the Koi collection to include a wider color selection in larger Studio Sets. Keep these larger sets close by in your studio for a quick splash of color and to create deep washes for backgrounds. Or bring it along to add details to portraits and plein air landscapes in the outdoors. Great for adding color to comics, illustrations, and lettering projects.

The rich color assortment offers the choice to create bold hues or soft and subtle shades with metallic and fluorescent watercolors included in the 72-color set that provide shimmering and dazzling effects to your project. The numerous color options of the palette will save you time from having to blend custom colors.


  • Illustration, comics
  • Calligraphy, lettering
  • Handmade cards and craft projects
  • Studio and remote use
  • Mixed media layering
  • Background washes
  • High quality student grade half pan watercolors, formulated to blend easily
  • Most sets include compact water brushes to transport and store water plus a sponge for dabbing
  • Compact, sleek design, studio sets feature sliding latches to open/close
  • Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed and not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards
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