Sakura of America for Equality

To Our Valued Sakura Community:

It’s never been just about pens for us. As an art supply company, we’ve always been proud to provide quality tools for artists to speak their voice, to paint their dreams and make their mark on the world. Our products play just a small part in what YOU have to say, no matter who you are. As we have witnessed the horrific events surrounding the death of George Floyd and those before him, we want to be clear that Sakura of America stands against injustice, inequality, racism, and violence in all of its forms. We realize that we have the opportunity to uplift those in the art community and are committed to do more to support the Black community in addressing racial inequality and social injustice.

As a team and family, we took a pause to listen and reflect on ways we could add value to the conversation. We wanted to make sure we have actions in place we could commit to and evolve from. Sakura of America has proudly operated in our diverse East Bay community in California for over 30 years. Sakura of America’s position on this matter stems from our core values as a company, which we live by every day:

  • Do the right thing – Our company strives to do what’s right for our consumers, customers, employees, and the environment. We operate in an open, honest, and transparent manner with integrity and equality for all individuals.
  • Deliver on our commitments – We are accountable to our consumers, customers, community and ourselves, focusing our efforts against shared goals.
  • Build a positive team & family spirit – We put people first and foster a warm, nurturing environment that encourages growth, promotes collaboration, and prioritizes work-life balance.
  • Take personal ownership – We are proactive with ideas and solutions, and anticipate how our work affects others. We stretch ourselves, and if we fail, fail fast, learn and adjust, and move forward together.
  • Act with humility – We treat each other with respect and consider others’ needs, not just our own. We are open to all opinions, bringing an objective, fair-minded approach to evaluation of ideas and decision-making.
  • Embrace continuous improvement– We have a healthy dissatisfaction for the status quo, pursuing incremental improvements every day. We encourage curiosity and creativity, seeking ideas from everywhere.

Our value around continuous improvement reminds us that we have the opportunity to do more in support of the Black community and underrepresented groups. Here are some immediate ways we pledge to rise to the occasion:

  • We will reach out beyond our existing artists network for additional opportunities to support Black artists and to highlight their work
  • We will increase our support and share resources to diverse art-based organizations who share our core values
  • We commit to including more Black artists and diversity in our marketing materials
  • Employees are provided with opportunities for paid volunteering time every year to reconnect and invest in our local community

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We understand this is a beginning, and commit to these and more efforts ongoing. Please join us in our commitment to anti-racism and thoughtful allyship to create a more equal society in support of the Black community.

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