Vincent Jackson Creativity Explored Artist Spotlight

Sakura of America shares a common mission with Creativity Explored, a nonprofit art center for neurodiverse and disabled artists in San Francisco. Sakura is proud to support Creativity Explored’s mission to unleash the creative potential within our disabled artists. Together, we strongly believe art is for everyone.

Sakura’s products have been enabling artistry in the Creativity Explored studios for decades – we’re excited to partner and share the stories and the artwork of artists who are creating today, like Vincent Jackson.

Vincent Jackson (b. 1961, Creativity Explored artist since 1984) is one of the most prolific and longest practicing artists at Creativity Explored. Jackson is known for his large-scale figurative oil pastels. His thick, defining lines break the human form into geometric shapes filled with a heavy impasto of layered colors arranged with Jackson’s masterful sense of harmony. The resulting mask-­like works can be viewed as a contemporary renewal of traditional African and Oceanic folk art imagery. “My faces are my way of telling a story rather than writing,” he remarks.

Jackson’s work was chosen to adorn the third series of artisanal chocolates from Recchiuti Confections. Additionally, CB2 selected Jackson’s work for a number of limited-edition products including a tote, rug, pillow and ceramic vase. VIDA produced a curated collection of colorful masks, scarves, totes, clutches and glass trays using Jackson’s abstract oil pastel drawings.

This winter 2021, a solo exhibition featuring portraits by Jackson will take place at Summertime, a gallery in Brooklyn, NY. You can also find Jackson’s fashions at Mode Brut, a fashion-themed exhibition on view at the at the Museum of Craft and Design through January 22, 2022.

Check out Vincent Jackson’s favorite Sakura products and hear about his practice in the interview below.

Favorite Products

  • Sakura Cray Pas Oil Pastels

Artist Interview

Why do you love Creativity Explored?
Because I just love this place – you can have humor, and then you can tell someone to back it up when they are talking about something they don’t know nothing about. I can be my own boss, and my own teacher. And plus, I enjoy when people come look at my stuff. People have been following my stuff since the 80s and 90s. Around San Francisco they say, ‘are you that artist from that incredible program?’ Yes, y’all better back it up. Plus, I put myself out there. People know quality stuff and then they know kindergarten stuff.

What do you love about Sakura’s art products?
The colors work for me, and then I make it work.

Why is it important to you to have good art supplies?
It’s good for me to have good art supplies. If they are not quality, they can keep them and lock them up for a month.

Why do you love making art? How does creating art make you feel?
I love making art because it brings character – it brings character to me. It amazes me what I can do. If it didn’t amaze me, I would have left it a long long time ago. It makes me feel like I can always do more.

What inspires you?
Myself, and my determination. Sometimes I put pieces away and then I go back to them later in time. Here, they don’t rush you to do anything.

If someone has never made art before, what advice would you give them?
I would say, look you better figure it out yourself.

Learn more and shop artworks by Vincent Jackson on the Creativity Explored websitecreativityexplored.org/artists/vincent-jackson

See more Creativity Explored artist spotlights right here on the Sakura websitehttp://www.sakuraofamerica.com/get-inspired/creativity-explored

PHOTO CREDIT: Photos by Peter Prato

Artwork by Vincent Jackson, 2021 © Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

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